Experience and expertise matter

With Family First, employees and their families have access to an Expert Care Team comprised of nurses, social workers, mental health professionals and Harvard-trained physicians. All are licensed and accredited with years of specialized training and real-world experience solving complex caregiving challenges.

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Solutions, not referrals

Far more than referrals or logistical help, our Care Teams provide ongoing support — often interacting with multiple family members for months on end — to resolve caregiving challenges and ensure plans are adjusted to changing circumstances and new challenges that may arise.

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Built on innovative technology

Backed by our AI-powered Expert Caregiving Platform (ECP), our Care Teams gather and synthesize clinical data and social determinants of health to identify gaps in care and correct care paths for employees and their loved ones 76% of the time.

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Results that speak for themselves

Family First combines 30 years of hands-on experience, a multi-disciplinary team of experts, and an artificial intelligence engine that analyzes data from millions of people to ensure your employees have the caregiving solutions they need.

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Family First's global caregiving solutions make an impact

Global solutions, no matter where your employees call home

Support employees' emotional, mental and financial wellbeing

Increase productivity, lower absenteeism

Recruit & retain top talent

Support DE&I and keep women in the workforce

Improve culture and the return to work

Reduce healthcare costs

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