Evan Falchuk

CEO & Chairman

Meet Evan

Jennipher Ama

Managing Director | RN & CMC

Meet Jennipher

Luciano Grubissich

Medical Director

Meet Luciano

Chad Yarmon

Chief Revenue Officer

Meet Chad

Anthony Cefalo

Chief Financial Officer

Meet Anthony

Sara MacDonald

Chief Operating Officer | RN, CCM, CPC

Meet Sara

William Wen

EVP of Strategy & Development

Meet William

Allan Stratton

SVP, Technology Development

Meet Allan

Emily Demikat

VP of Marketing & Strategy

Meet Emily

Nancy Oh

VP of Client Success

Meet Nancy

Allen Bernardo

Managing Director, Harmonic Fund Services

Meet Allen

Scott Harshbarger

Partner, Casner Edwards; Former Attorney General of Massachusetts

Meet Scott

Adrienne Schneider

Former Benefits Director at American Airlines

Meet Adrienne

Linda Watters

Founder and former President and CEO of Detroit Commerce Bank

Meet Linda

Andy Crighton

Former Chief Medical Officer of Prudential Insurance

Meet Andy

Kinu Mann

Benefits Manager at Crown Castle International

Meet Kinu

Shawna M. Oliver

Head of Global Benefits & Wellness at Manulife

Meet Shawna

Gena Perry

Director of Total Rewards at OG&E Corporation

Meet Gena

Ryan Schoenecker

Chief Commercial Officer at Vori Health

Meet Ryan

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