Meet your Expert Care Team

With Family First, you and your loved ones will be matched with an accredited Care Expert to serve as your dedicated point of contact. 

Care Experts are part of a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, licensed counselors, and other professionals who work together to ensure all aspects of your caregiving journey are accounted for. 

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Not sure you're a Caregiver?

+  Lost on how to talk to your loved one about their substance use?

+  Struggling with lifestyle changes after a cardiac episode?

+  Not sure where to start after a cancer diagnosis?

+  Finding it difficult managing multiple medications?

Your Care Expert will work with you and your loved ones to uncover ways to help you, even if you aren’t sure what you need.

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How it works

Comprehensive Intake

Whether you’re struggling to care for your parents, having difficulties balancing caregiving and work, or managing a new diagnosis, our job begins with a detailed intake of the challenges facing your family, including the support you may need as a caregiver.

Ongoing Support

Far more than referrals or logistical help, our Care Teams provide ongoing support — often interacting with multiple family members, insurance, and health partners — to resolve caregiving challenges and any new challenges that may arise.

Industry-leading Technology

Artificial intelligence coupled with our Expert Caregiving Platform gives our Experts direct access to medical records, the ability to predict health risks, and deliver a more personalized care experience.

Knowledge & Resources

Written and curated by accredited professionals, our Care Library is full of valuable information to empower you as a caregiver and enhance the health and wellbeing of yourself and loved ones.

Our Expertise

Child & Adolescent Wellbeing
Counseling & Mental Health
Legal & Financial Challenges
Insurance & Medicare Navigation
Community Resources & Supports
Family Dynamics & Resolution
Expert Homecare & Placement

Caregivers have been on their own for far too long

Our decades of experience have taught us that caregivers need a champion — a team of experts to stand by their side and figure out what to do and how to do it. 

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