Evan Falchuk

CEO & Chairman


Evan has dedicated his career as an entrepreneur and political reformer. Serving as President of Best Doctors for 14 years, Evan took on the problem of misdiagnosis. Under his leadership, Best Doctors grew from a few million in revenue to more than $200 million, helping over 30 million people around the world ensure they or a loved one had the correct diagnosis.

As the CEO and Chairman of Family First, Evan is focused on creating innovative solutions to support families in solving the complex and complicated issues involved with caregiving.

My Story

"Having been President of Best Doctors and then a candidate for public office — improving our experience with the healthcare system runs in my veins.

My father, Kenneth H. Falchuk, was a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, an eminent physician at the Brigham and Women’s in Boston, and was the founder of Best Doctors, which is pioneer is expert medical second-opinion. And yet he was, tragically, misdiagnosed repeatedly by expert physicians.


Because there were bad family dynamics happening that were obscuring the true nature of what he was dealing with. I had all the advocacy in the world to help him with the medical side. What was missing was someone to help with the root cause of what was going on. That’s what we do at Family First."