Family First Acquires Active Daily Living
Oct 04, 2021

BOSTON -- Family First, the first and only employee benefit to offer expert-led holistic, coordinated solutions to solve complex family caregiving challenges, today announced it has acquired Active Daily Living, a comprehensive platform of expert resources for family caregivers. Family First's Expert Care Teams now have access to a rich library of content to help families solve their most pressing caregiving needs.

"America is facing a caregiving crisis. More than one in five Americans are family caregivers, an experience that too often leads to devastating mental, emotional, social, and financial impacts that make caregivers leave their jobs," said Evan Falchuk, CEO and Chairman of Family First. "By integrating Active Daily Living's remarkable content platform into our own, Family First is better positioned than ever to bring meaningful solutions to this worsening crisis."

Through Family First, employees and their families have access to an Expert Care Team comprised of nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, and Harvard-trained physicians. Care Teams provide ongoing support for people facing complex caregiving challenges. They work with multiple family members and are backed by an AI-powered caregiving platform which gathers and synthesizes clinical data and social determinants of health to identify gaps in care and correct care paths for employees and their loved ones.

With the addition of the Active Daily Living's platform, Family First's Expert Care Experts now offer additional resources that can be prescribed to members to help support comprehensive, expert solutions to caregiving challenges.

"Family caregivers selflessly support the health, wellbeing, and safety of others, and we've worked hard for years to give them tools to be educated and empowered," said Dan Ansel, Chief Executive Officer of Active Daily Leaving. "We are proud to join with Family First to bring this help to millions of people across the country as an employee and insurance benefit."

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Family First 
Family First is the first expert-led and technology-powered caregiving support benefit, integrating expert care teams and clinical and social determinants of health data to create holistic, comprehensive, and accurate care plans that solve employees' most urgent caregiving needs. The company was spun out of virtual care and in-home care management leader VillagePlan. Powered by industry-leading technology, Family First combines 30 years of hands-on experience, a multi-disciplinary team of experts, and an artificial intelligence engine that analyzes data from millions of people to ensure employees have the caregiving solutions they need — and their loved ones are on the right care path. Learn more at

About Active Daily Living
Active Daily Living is the industry-leading content and technology platform delivering impactful articles, videos, self-assessment, and communication tools personalized to the specific needs of individuals and designed to educate and empower people caring for an aging or ill loved one.