Evan Falchuk

CEO & Chairman


Evan led the growth of Best Doctors, Inc., the pioneers of expert medical opinion as an employee and insurance benefit, from a startup to a company covering 75 million people in 40 countries.

As CEO of Family First, Evan knows a comprehensive approach to caregiving — including navigation of the resources available to families and development of novel insurance products — is the next frontier of public health. Making sure caregivers and their loved ones have a healthspan equal to their lifespan is the best chance to solve the tremendous burdens facing governments, insurers, employers, and families.

My Story

As President of Best Doctors and then a candidate for public office — improving the healthcare system runs in my veins.

My mother, Nancy Falchuk, is a nurse and the former President of the global healthcare organization, Hadassah. My late father, Kenneth H. Falchuk, was a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an eminent physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He also founded Best Doctors, the pioneer in expert medical opinion. 

And yet with all this knowledge and expertise, my father was misdiagnosed — repeatedly — by expert physicians.


Like many families facing a complicated health problem, there were all kinds of family dynamics at play. My mother and I and my siblings saw different symptoms at different times. None of us agreed on what was wrong. Because we were all reporting diverging observations to my father's doctors, they developed an unclear, and often confusing, picture of my father's health. I suppose the doctors could have tried to sort out these family dynamics, but they didn't. The result was a repeated set of misdiagnoses, a precipitous decline in my father's health, and a worsening family situation. 

I've come to realize that our situation wasn't all that unique. What we needed — and didn't have — was someone to help us get to the root cause of the problem. Yes, the medical situation was where we were focused, but in retrospect, we needed someone to tell us that the first step to getting to the bottom of my father's needs was to get on the same page as a family. To this day, I wish we had.

It's why I'm so passionate about our work at Family First. 

Caregiving is hard. So many people face challenges like the ones my family did. I wanted to create a way for other families to get expert help and get to the root cause of their problems, to work together to solve them, and to make their caregiving experience as good as it can be.

That’s what we do at Family First.