3 Ways Caregiving Benefits Combat Working Caregiver Burnout


Sara Circle  By Sara MacDonald, RN, CCM, CPC

Employee burnout is a real challenge for employers and is amplified when employees are also working caregivers. Out of a population of 1,000 employees, it’s estimated that 210 are caregivers.
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 With 20% of the workforce balancing their career and their caregiving responsibilities, the likelihood of members on your team on the brink of burnout is high.  

Knowing that more and more people are becoming caregivers as our population ages, the cost of doing nothing to support them will have a negative impact on organizations. By partnering with a caregiving solution like Family First, we can move the needle and help you understand the operational and medical costs caregiving has and what steps you can take to get ahead.

When you keep your employee caregivers healthy, you save money. 

Here are 3 ways offering a caregiving benefit to your employees will not only combat burnout, but will positively impact employee health and well-being, while boosting retention, your bottom line, and outcomes at work. 

1.  Reduce stress and promote balance with a holistic approach that solves the challenges of the care recipient and the caregiver. 

Caregiving responsibilities can significantly add to an employee's stress, especially if they're juggling work and caregiving duties. This will not only impact their ability to focus at work, but could have unexpected health consequences.  

A holistic caregiving benefit like Family First doesn’t just solve for the care recipient. Our Care Experts center the caregiver to ensure their well-being isn’t overlooked. This approach reduces stress by giving employees the support and resources they need to manage their caregiving duties without sacrificing their own well-being. 

Of an employee population of 1,000, 105 will experience significant health impacts. Family First can improve medical outcomes. Fewer claims and improved medical outcomes lead to substantial cost savings.   

2.  Create a healthcare ecosystem that gives caregivers all the solutions that solve their problems.

Many caregivers are overwhelmed by what it takes to research, learn, and manage their caregiving responsibilities, mentioning they’ve had to take time off work to manage their caregiving responsibilities. More often than not, caregiving situations are complex and layered, requiring more than links and resources. Family First is a solution that uncovers and solves any caregiving challenge someone may face at any stage of life. 

At Family First we offer a curated and vetted list of resources that we don’t just provide—we pursue on caregivers’ behalf. We thoroughly analyze the quality of the solutions and resources available and how they impact health outcomes. We also consider how to meet the needs of not just the care recipient, but the loved one providing care. 

Thinking back to the 1,000 employee population we mentioned at the start, 13 will leave the workforce because of caregiving. By offering Family First as a benefit to employees we help keep people at work. When employees have the support they need, they are healthier, feel valued, and perform at their best.   

3.  Care for the caregiver while uncovering and solving challenges for the care recipient.  

Caregiving isn't just about doing something good for those that need care. It’s about caring for the caregivers who are often forgotten in the process. This dedication can often lead to health complications for caregivers because they aren’t prioritizing themselves while in the throes of a caregiving challenge—putting their health, wellness, and happiness second.  

Remember that employee population of 1,000? 53 will have a serious, or extended, absence from work. Family First’s high-touch, high-tech solution allows caregivers to focus and be present at work while our team of Care Experts take care of the rest. 

Family First helps working caregivers live a well-balanced life while managing caregiving responsibilities. We fill caregivers’ cups so they can focus on what really matters. While our initial priority is to focus on care recipient needs, part of our discovery process is to uncover and solve every challenge, including those of the caregiver. Once the care plan for the care recipient is underway, the caregiver can reprioritize themselves so they can focus on their health, their work, and being more present in all aspects of life.  

Why Family First? 
Aside from the strain caregiving has on employee well-being and morale, there are deep impacts on your bottom line due to caregiver burnout, unmanaged chronic conditions, absenteeism, and productivity. And, with 91% of employers worried about healthcare costs, a solution like Family First can solve challenges for both employee caregivers and their employers. Connect with us today! 


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