2seventy bio has partnered with Family First to offer you and your family personalized solutions for all your caregiving challenges

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Emergency Notice: Family First is not a crisis or emergency line.
If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911, your local crisis line or visit the
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for immediate support.

Your Caregiving Benefit


Dedicated Care Experts

As a 2seventy bio employee, you and your family have unlimited access to a highly-trained Care Team to help you and your loved ones navigate whatever caregiving challenge you may be facing or that may arise.


Comprehensive Solutions

Our comprehensive approach to caregiving addresses mental health, family dynamics, financial challenges, work-life balance, home care needs and offers guidance around difficult decision-making.


Innovative Technology

Our Expert Caregiving Platform connects you and your loved ones to your Care Team. Take part in virtual care conferences, store important documents, and view and track your care plan in real-time.

Getting Started with Family First

  • 1. Intake
  • 2. Discovery
  • 3. Care Planning
  • 4. Ongoing Support

You can get started with Family First online or by calling 1-877-585-7090.

Based on your caregiving situation, you'll be paired with a dedicated Care Expert, who will lead your Care Team and serve as your single point of contact.

Our discovery process uncovers the real and root causes of your caregiving challenges. Interviews, virtual in-home assessments, and medical records review are just some of the tools in our tool box.

Data we collect is integrated into our Expert Caregiving Platform, which helps our Care Teams uncover gaps in care that others may miss. Responsive solutions are presented in a Care Plan, which we adjust as circumstances change.

Your engagement with Family First is provided at no cost to you by 2seventy bio. Our Care Teams stand ready to provide ongoing support and ensure plans are adjusted to changing circumstances and new challenges that may arise.

Solving Caregiving Challenges

With Family First’s mobile app, caregivers and their loved ones have direct access to their Care Expert, care plan, calendar, and other collaboration tools, so help is never far away.

Direct Access to Your Care Expert

Secure messaging means you get practical help and answers quickly—without any extra hassle or back-and-forth. 

Streamlining the Caregiver Experience

Using a shared calendar in the Digital Care Hub, invite others to collaborate and communicate so everyone is organized and on the same page.

Caregiving, Simplified

Document storage allows easy access to your caregiving portfolio and other important files such as health directives and insurance cards.

On-Demand Knowledge and Resources

Access articles and assessments on decision making, self-care strategies, tips on navigating the healthcare system, and more.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Take action and track progress with personalized solutions that support you as a caregiver.

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Care Library

You and your family have access to Family First's Care Library.
Written and curated by accredited professionals, the library is full of valuable information to support you and enhance the health and well-being of yourself and loved ones.

Explore Care Library


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of caregiving problems can you help with?

Employees call Family First for all types of reasons from the simple to complex. Here is a small sample of our expertise:

  • Eldercare
  • Child and adolescent wellbeing
  • Cognitive issues and dementia
  • Aging in place
  • Homecare and placement
  • Mental health and emotional support
  • Substance use disorders
  • New and chronic diagnoses
  • Financial challenges, such as bill pay
  • Insurance and Medicare navigation

Click here to learn more about Family First, how we work, and how we can help >>

Who makes up your Care Teams?

Our Expert Care Teams consist of nurses, social workers, mental health professionals and Harvard-trained physicians. These professionals are your caregiving champions. Working collaboratively they:

  • Will work with you to understand your caregiving situation
  • Ensure you and your loved ones are on the correct care path
  • Develop a comprehensive care plan and ensure your caregiving challenges have a resolution
  • Relieve the heartache, anxiety, stress and financial challenges that come with being a caregiver.

What's your experience?

Experience matters. We have three decades of experience helping families care for their loved ones. Across thousands of cases and families served, we’ve always done our best to get people on the right care path.

To ensure the quality of our recommendations and ensure employees' needs are addressed completely, all of our care plans are peer-reviewed weekly by our Quality Team.

How do I get started with Family First?

You can get started with Family First online or by calling 1-877-585-7090.

If you do not reach a Care Expert immediately, one will reach out to you within four hours during business hours or the following business day during off-hours.

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

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